Professional Sports and Corporate Social Responsibility

The NFL is in the midst of it’s season. It is now the month of October and you will begin to see a rather stand out color among the football field.

That color?


The NFL has taken on a Corporate Social Responsibility by helping the fight against Breast Cancer. The NFL will auction off their pink apparel to help raise money. (Link)


But the NFL isn’t the only Sport Industry that has taking on the responsibility of helping the fight.

The NHL sells and wears purple apparel for Pancreatic Cancer. Last year, $850,000 was raised and donated for many different cancer organizations as well. (Link)


Many teams around the MLB will hold a ALS-Awareness Day game to raise money. For this year, the Boston Red Sox held the ALS Awareness Game. (Link)


It shows that the Sports Industry is taking into stride the role of Corporate Social Responsibility. It’s great that sports such as those that were named can reach out and help a variety of different diseases. Though there are some that believe that more can be done. In an article found, the author makes the statement that it’s great that the NFL helps raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness, but the argument is that there are so many different diseases that could use the attention as well. An example the author uses is Heart Disease. You can read the article here.

In the end, the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility is within the Sport Industry. The argument of whether or not Sports should change it up a bit is still at hand.


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